The default programs installed on your Apple laptop are decent, but you can definitely do better. Check out how to setup your MacBook with these 4 indispensable Mac Apps. You will learn how to get a nifty calendar, take control of your windows, type faster and turn your screen into […]

Setup Your MacBook With These 4 Indispensable Mac Apps

Share A File in Google Drive
There are 3 reasons for this article. Number 1: there are no dumb questions. Number 2: you need to know this. Number 3: sharing options in Drive can be more complicated than you would expect. This is a tutorial so you can master how to share a file in Google […]

How To Share a File in Google Drive

Google Drive introduced the concept of real-time collaboration on documents and developed it as a transformational tool for organizations. Team Drives is an extension of the cloud-based file system which is a very logical choice for many teams and departments. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should make […]

5 Reasons To Share Files in Google Team Drives

If you use an Apple computer, you are going to find yourself spending a lot of time with Finder, the macOS file explorer. Unfortunately, in its default settings, Finder tries too hard to make things simple, which induces exactly the opposite effect. This is how I customize Apple Finder options […]

Customize Apple Finder To Make It Work For You

Create a Video Slideshow with Photos
Whether at home or at work, I often have to quickly turn a bunch of photos into a video slideshow. Over the years, I have tried many different apps until I found the absolute best one. Now I create these videos and share them in no time, but if you […]

Make A Video Slideshow With Your Photos in Minutes

Presentation Zen - 6 Choose Your Fonts
Let me take you through a crash course on how to use presentation zen to design engaging visual presentations that leave a lasting impression.  Two ideas are most important when considering this: empathy in presentation the presenter as a storyteller. Keeping these ideas at the forefront, we will look at how to […]

Presentation Zen: 6 Steps to Design Great Slideshows

Salvage Your Privacy Lady Bird
Another day, another astonishing assault on people’s privacy. This time the proportions in the Cambridge Analytica scandal  are properly epic. The company built 230 million psychological and political profiles using data harvested from Facebook without users’ consent. These profiles were allegedly used in manipulative social media campaigns during the referendum […]

Salvage Your Privacy While Online

Project Management Fundamentals Stages
Project management is a step by step method used in business to get things done and realize projects successfully. Anyone can apply this technique to reach goals and work more effectively. In the classroom, you can teach the fundamentals of project management to your students to guide them with the […]

Learn Project Management Fundamentals to Get Things Done Well

Writing training material is an interesting psychological experiment. I find that no matter how much time and details I try to add to a set of instructions, there will always be some room for interpretation. Someone will invariably require some level of clarification and in a classroom setting, questions will […]

Design Training Material Efficiently