Copy Paste, Backward Bicycle & Wireless Interaction [issue 14]

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In issue 14:

  1. Copy paste without the frou-frou
  2. The backward bicycle will bend your mind about knowledge and understanding
  3. Wireless interactive tools for your projector

Copy Paste without Formatting

[icon name="fa-cloud-upload"] STANDARD 3: model digital age work and learning

A shortcut to copy paste without formatting, a deceptively simple maneuver which I only learned recently after 34 years of using [Control(Win)/Command(Mac)] + C (Copy) and [Control(Win)/Command(Mac)] + V (Paste). I am dismayed at how long it took me to discover this shortcut which I now use multiple times a day. I want to share this keyboard combination with you here and tell you why I love it.

Read copy paste without formatting to find out how to do this:

Copy Paste Without Formatting Shortcut

Copy Paste Without Formatting Shortcut Demonstration

The Backward Bicycle

[icon name="fa-slideshare"] STANDARD 2: design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

This video is a remarkable demonstration of the fact that knowledge and understanding are distinct. To me this reinforces the importance of focusing on higher level thinking skills in the classroom so our students can build deeper, longer lasting connections.

Many thanks to Lena Wang and Robert Chuang, the fabulous techies powering KAS, for bringing this amazing video back from their workshops at the JOSTI conference. Read the rest of Knowing is not Understanding.

Epson Goes Interactive Wirelessly

[icon name="fa-group"] awarded to Tom Hammerlund
[icon name="fa-cloud-upload"] STANDARD 3: model digital age work and learning

Sometimes not knowing that something is impossible allows you to push the boundaries. This week our very own Tom Hammerlund started doing what Epson engineers told us was not possible: use the interactive tools of the Epson 585wi projector wirelessly. No more HDMI or USB cable necessary. This is very exciting news which will be showcased to you by Tech Ambassador Margo Carnahan during PD day.

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