Menubar, Symbaloo and Socrative [issue 19]

Tekiota number 19 will share our insights on:

  1. Real estate for your menubar
  2. Share links with your students with Symbaloo
  3. Socrative assessments

Make Room on your Menubar

[icon name="fa-cloud-upload"] STANDARD 3: model digital age work and learning

This is a quick tip to save you some real estate screen on your Mac laptop. This article will give you the simple steps to remove your name from the menubar.

OS X Menubar with and without a name

OS X Menubar with and without a name

Steps to Remove Your Name

  1. Go to System Preferences > Users and Login
  2. If the lock is engaged, click on it and type your computer password to unlock the preferences
  3. Click on Login Options
  4. Uncheck Show fast user switching menu

At this point, your name should be removed from the OS X menubar, saving you some precious pixels which can be used to show long menus from other apps.

Remove Name from Menubar

Remove Name from Menubar

As an alternative and if you like to lock your computer by clicking on your name, you can choose to show the fast user switching menu as an icon which will save you some space while keeping the fast laptop lock available.

Share Links with Symbaloo

[icon name="fa-slideshare"] STANDARD 2: design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

Symbaloo is a bookmarking or link sharing site. With Symbaloo, teachers can curate and share resources with their students. Links are laid out in a grid, and can be arranged within the grid.

Group Links by Topics

In this example, the links are grouped into categories. In the upper left, there are links to social sites, and in the upper right, links to shopping sites.

Various categories of links sharing with Symbaloo

Various categories of links shared with Symbaloo

Link sharing with Symbaloo is self-explained on this Symbaloo page. 

Symbaloo Uses for Teachers

Symbaloo could be good for when teachers have a bank of resources they want to share with students. There are many ways to do this, but Symbaloo could be a good option for visual learners who need to see everything laid out in front of them.

This could be useful in the younger grades when teachers want to give students the sites to visit for a project instead of having them go searching. It could also be interesting to use Symbaloo as a formative assessment to see what students know about a subject.

Browser Extension

Symbaloo also offers browser extensions to add your bookmarks directly to your Symbaloo page. This is Symbaloo Bookmarker for Chrome.

Note: For a complete walkthrough of Symbaloo, access the Knowledge Base file  “SymbalooHandout.pdf”.

Formative Assessments with Socrative

[icon name="fa-group"] awarded to Yeni Toribio
[icon name="fa-slideshare"] STANDARD 2: design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

Yeni Toribio gets this week’s this of the hat for using Socrative in her classes. Yeni is investigating various types of formative assessments in her class and tried out this very impressive web app. Socrative enables you to get real time answers from your students during class. Students only need a room code (no account necessary) to start answering the teachers questions.

Create quizzes, quick questions, exit tickets or even space races and watch your students answer in real-time:

Socrative Activities: Quiz, Exit Ticket, Quick Question or Space Race

Socrative Activities: Quiz, Exit Ticket, Quick Question or Space Race

I witnessed Socrative during a workshop where the presenter used the tool to gather questions from the participants. She then had us rank our top questions to answer them in the most relevant order. Watch this video to get some insight on what can be done with Socrative. We’ll be sure to review this amazing tool in more details in the future.

Getting Started with Socrative

3 simple steps for you to test it out too:

  1. Go to,
  2. Click on Teacher login, and
  3. Click on Sign in with Google

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