About Tekiota

Tekiota is a website which contains a wealth of information about technology. The name Tekiota comes a combination of tech and iotas, iotas on tech, pieces on technology.


Technology is often abbreviated to the hashtag friendly term Tech. At Tekiota, I encourage the study and practice of facilitating learning and improving performance using appropriate technology, media, and learning theories.

Enhance Learning

Tekiota is an outlet to share the latest developments in the technology field. Here, you will find a collection of tools to enhance learning articulated around specific themes.

Tekiota Themes

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These essential skills will guide students to increase digital fluency. These articles features what I believe are the fundamental digital skills everyone should possess.


These technology frameworks provide step-by-step processes to help leaders successfully integrate technology in their organization.


Build a tech toolkit that works for you with reliable tools that suit your needs and circumstances. Apps here should be understood in a wide context: web apps, tablet apps such as iPad and Android apps, computer software and applications, and even websites.


There are many exciting new technologies that will continue to transform the world and improve institutions. These articles list all the innovations that will shape the future of technology in the next 10 years.

About the Author

My name is Victor Boulanger. My professional vision is to offer simple and elegant technology solutions for all. Among the public presentations I have given on technology in education, I presented for UNESCO, Google, and EARCOS. You can find more details about me at my professional website Victor Boulanger.

I believe that technology allows us to connect with others around the globe. If you do too, sign up for Tekiota.

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