Thomas Hammerlund

Terea started flipping her class this year with great results. Even though she is figuring out what strategies work best for her, she is already seeing an increase in the time she has available in class. Whereas a lecture and directions would take 15-30 minutes before, now, the video lesson […]

Use a Model to Blend Learning

This is an introduction to the coaching page on Dragon Gate. Highlights from the video: access the coaching page via (You must be signed into your KAS account to access Dragon Page) on the Coaching Page is a plethora of teacher resources workshops are being archived on YouTube as videos, or if you […]

Introduction to Share – The Coaching Page

Computational Thinking is a problem-solving process through which you learn to formulate a problem, organize and analyze data logically, and formulate solutions to that problem. In this sense, learning Computational Thinking is also learning critical thinking and as such is one of the fundamental frameworks to master. Apply Computational Thinking To […]

Computational Thinking, A Framework For Critical Thinking