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KAS Google Reference School 3
The first tip of the hat for this academic year 2016-2017 goes off to all of you teachers at Kaohsiung American School. Your efforts to model digital age work and learning have been recognized today by Google. Thanks to you, Kaohsiung American School has been granted the status of Google Reference School! This is a close circle of institutions which include some of the most innovative schools in the world.

Google Reference School in Taiwan

4 Tricks for a Better Mac Experience
Mac makes absolutely gorgeous hardware. Perhaps it is this near perfection in design that makes it harder to bear the quirks you encounter when you start using your Mac. From your trackpad to your windows, here are 4 tricks that hopefully will make for a better experience on your Mac. The MacBook trackpad is the perfect example to showcase the contrast in execution between hardware and software. To the touch, it is so smooth and agreeable under the fingers, it bears no equal. Scroll or click and you are left with a surprisingly disorienting experience.

4 Tips for a Better Mac Experience

Follow The Sun
A collection of links discovered beyond the breaking waves of the Internet. This week: • If You're Going to Learn Something New... Learn Something New • The secret army of cheerleaders policing China’s internet • How to Stop Facebook from Using your iPhone or Android to Listen to Everything you Say • Follow the Sun • Algodoo - Amazing Physics Simulation App • Teachers Who Tweet

Learn Something New

The Digital Media Making student-lead club creates regular video reports of life at Kaohsiung American School. These young video producers fully deserve the tip of the hat this week. Their creativity and editing skills need to be recognized. For example, you may notice the great way they use our green screen, do also pay attention to the fancy titles and the great use of timelapses on their DMM YouTube channel.

Digital Media Making Club Video Reports

3 Rules for Balance with Technology - Infographics 1
Balance will be different for every family. I am hoping that these 3 rules to balance technology at home which I gathered from my research and experience will help you engage in conversations about the use of technology in your house. My experience in the classroom and as a parent points to a very obvious fact: being digital natives does not make our children digital citizens. Our children and students need guidance with technology before they can claim an independence of their own. I believe the helm the need to navigate their digital waves is balance.

Balance Technology at Home with these 3 Rules

Sway Online Presentation
A collection of links. This week: • Virtual Schools Take Off Even As Performance Lags • Sway - Create and Share Interactive Reports, Presentations and Stories • Can You Really Tell if a Kid is Lying?

Virtual Schools Take Off

How do you pronounce GIF
Allison and Emmie, writers for KAS' school paper KASPER, much deserve the tip of the hat this week for their super nerdy article on how to pronounce the acronym GIF. If you have not yet watched their masterpiece of a video interview, queue those 2:07 minutes up right now.

How Do You Pronounce GIF?