I ask teachers about their favorite apps. Build an edtech teaching toolkit that works for you with reliable tools that suit your needs and circumstances. Apps here should be understood in a wide context: web apps, tablet apps such as iPad and Android apps, computer software and applications, and even websites.

Math students are still bound to their trusty graphics calculator. Teachers need to teach students how to use these calculators. The problem is that those devices are tiny and it's difficult to show specific steps to your students. It is much easier to project the steps you take on your calculator for all to see. This is the ultimate guide on how to run a graphics calculator on your computer, and display it on your projector.

Run a TI 84 Calculator on your Computer

Carl Kasell on NPR
I spend a lot of my busy time (dishes, laundry, cleaning...) listening to podcasts, many of which are produced by the excellent National Public Radio. The wealth and breadth of the coverage means that programs are often relevant to the classroom, but finding specific content can be a difficult task. Listenwise (previously known as Listen Current) is an excellent educational website which lets you access many public radio programs and tie them to your curriculum.

Find Public Radio Programs By Topic

When I got my first DLSR, I carried it with me wherever I went. It came with me on trips, on walks in the evening, and to school. I captured everything I could, and since my camera was at school, I was able to take pictures of students, school events, […]

Create a Window Into Your Classroom