I ask teachers about their favorite apps. Build an edtech teaching toolkit that works for you with reliable tools that suit your needs and circumstances. Apps here should be understood in a wide context: web apps, tablet apps such as iPad and Android apps, computer software and applications, and even websites.

  The short version — check out Google Keep, Quizlet, GoVocab, and Lang-8 for your foreign language classroom.   Google Keep When I was last in a foreign language classroom as a student I remember taking notebooks full of notes, dating each one, and going through the notebooks later to […]

Integrate Tech Into the Foreign Language Classroom

I walk to school every morning. I did that in Japan too. The walk in the morning helps to get the blood circulating throughout my body and gives me a chance to listen to podcasts. Add Podcasts to your Phone You might be thinking that podcasts are so 2010, but they have […]

Put PD in Your Pocket With These Podcasts

- TIP OF THE WEB - STANDARD 2: design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments   Teachers have all been there. In the middle of a presentation or lecture hands go up. When this happens, of course I want to clarify anything that may not have been clear […]

Use the New Q&A Tool in Google Slides

Poll Your Students 2
In a student-centered classroom, gathering their feedback is absolutely essential. Online polls give you a quick avenue to send one or multiple questions to your online classroom. In turn, students can answer under cover of anonymity or not, within seconds. Let’s look at why you should poll your students and […]

Poll Your Students