I believe that technology allows us to connect with others around the globe. These educational technology frameworks provide step-by-step processes to help education leaders successfully integrate educational technology in the classroom.

Presentation Zen - 6 Choose Your Fonts
Let me take you through a crash course on how to use presentation zen to design engaging visual presentations that leave a lasting impression.  Two ideas are most important when considering this: empathy in presentation the presenter as a storyteller. Keeping these ideas at the forefront, we will look at how to […]

Presentation Zen: 6 Steps to Design Great Slideshows   Recently updated !

This week Edutopia published a very interesting list of tips to use in your classroom. I must admit that I respond quite positively to any article which promises me 5, 7 or even 10 wonderful things to read about. This one lists 26 (twenty six!) such tips. The difference with other pieces of advice for teachers you ask? Each of these research based tips for teachers are backed by actual research. I will highlight my favorite 3 tips here.

Research Based Tips for Teachers

Lead, Collaborate, Share 1
To support our Google Reference School application, we created a video highlighting the 3 pillars of our implementation of technology at Kaohsiung American School: Lead, Share and Collaborate. Our tip of the hat this week goes to the team who helped us realized this project and agreed to be interviewed. In order […]

Lead, Collaborate, Share

7 Video Assignments for Students 1
Here are 8 types of of video assignments for students in elementary, middle and high school. Videos have a strong influence on how we perceive the world. Leading students to produce their own videos for your class will allow them to demonstrate critical thinking around key-concepts in your lesson while deepening their understanding of media literacy.

8 Types of Video Assignments for Students

Design Thinking in the Classroom 1
Design thinking in the classroom has the potential to unleash creativity, innovation and empathy while engaging your students to discover unique solutions to problems. Having recently presented at Learning2 on the topic, I want to share here design thinking’s key concepts, methodology and take-aways. Discover Creative Solutions There are different ways to solve problems. Engineers […]

Introduction to Design Thinking in the Classroom

Terea started flipping her class this year with great results. Even though she is figuring out what strategies work best for her, she is already seeing an increase in the time she has available in class. Whereas a lecture and directions would take 15-30 minutes before, now, the video lesson […]

Use a Model to Blend Learning

This is an introduction to the coaching page on Dragon Gate. Highlights from the video: access the coaching page via (You must be signed into your KAS account to access Dragon Page) on the Coaching Page is a plethora of teacher resources workshops are being archived on YouTube as videos, or if you […]

Introduction to Share – The Coaching Page