There are many exciting new technologies that will continue to transform the world and improve education. These articles list all the innovations that will shape the future of education in the next 10 years.

Sway Online Presentation
A collection of links. This week: • Virtual Schools Take Off Even As Performance Lags • Sway - Create and Share Interactive Reports, Presentations and Stories • Can You Really Tell if a Kid is Lying?

Virtual Schools Take Off

Rejected by Colleges, SAT and ACT Gain High School Acceptance
A collection of links discovered beyond the breaking waves of the Internet. This week: Standardized Testing • Common Core • College Board Special Needs • Flying • Hero Lab • Virtual Reality • Science Animation • Special Needs • Short

The Virtual Lab Revolution

Video Book Reports
It is well worth watching the video book report below to understand why Grade 3 Margo Carnahan is fully deserving the tip of the hat this week. Her students first wrote their own books on paper, before scanning them onto their computers. They designed their digital books layout online with Google Slides. Next they used screencasting to turn their presentations into videos.

Digital Books by Students on YouTube

Money, Race, Success Per District
A collection of links discovered beyond the breaking waves of the Internet: Can AI fix education? AI • Personalized Learning • Lectures Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares? Money • Achievement Gap • Inequality Insightful Human Portraits Made From Data | Art • Data Science • Portraits

AI in Education

Tekiota EdTech Newsletter
What’s Tekiota? Tekiota is born. Tekiota is a newsletter on education offering once a week: a tip of the week, a tip of the web and a tip of the hat. Should You Care? Only if you want to stay on top of the technology tsunami. What Do I Need […]

Tekiota is Born