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Feedback is best given within 24 hours so students can remember the learning more clearly. In this article we will look at an add-on that makes it possible to leave feedback for Google Docs and Google Slides. It also includes customizable rubrics teachers can add to help students understand the feedback.

 “… it is often the case that students get feedback … and so on much too late – it can take weeks to mark their work  particularly if the class size is large. By the time students receive their feedback,  they may well have moved on, and then they take very little notice of the feedback.” Phil Race

Feedback For Google Docs

Depending on the teacher, leaving voice feedback may or may not be faster, but voice feedback could be very beneficial to students who are learning English as a second language.

The add-on Kaizena is very easy to install and use. In Google Docs or Slides,

  1. Go to Add-ons and then click on Get add-ons
  2. In the search box, type in Kaizena
  3. Click Kaizena
  4. Install by clicking free, and accept the agreement
  5. Click add-ons again, and select Kaizena Mini
  6. In the new column to the right, select that you are a teacher, and fill out the information about your school and grade level
  7. Finish the set-up process
Kaizena: Voice Feedback on Google Docs

Kaizena: Voice Feedback on Google Docs

Give Feedback In Google Slides

When you are ready to begin giving feedback, highlight the area you want to give feedback on the document or slide. Next select the microphone button in the right column, and record your voice.

Laurie Williamson discovered this workflow this week and she loves it:

Jennifer Gilbert, Tech Ambassador extraordinaire, just showed me how to use Kaizena to make voice comments on the huge stack of lab reports I have reviewed. It will save me a lot of time and allow me to put some encouraging tone into them where I need to. This is going to be indispensable to me and I know the students will appreciate them more than reading written ones.

A shout out to her for her wonderful coaching AND to KAS for funding the personal development that produces this kind of strategic skill.

With Kaizena, leave voice feedback on Google Docs and Slides

With Kaizena, leave voice feedback on Google Docs and Slides

Feedback With Skills and Rubrics

Feedback For Google Docs

Feedback For Google Docs

According to their blog, you can now add rubrics in Kaizena. While skills let you rate students on specific skills that they demonstrate on their work, rubrics allow you to group sets of skills together.

Give Kaizena a try, and let me know what you think.

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