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You’ve probably noticed that one of our favorite topics is productivity. Today is no exception as your favorite scheduling app underwent a design makeover. This how-to guide for Google Calendar will teach you all the new features you need to know. Ready to learn? Try the new version of Google Calendar with a click on the Use New Calendar button in the top right corner.

Use New Google Calendar

Use New Google Calendar

Customize View and Design

The most striking feature of the new Google Calendar is its fresh design. Google aligned its Calendar app to the look of the Material Design family. One of the most iconic characteristic of the new esthetics is available across other apps on your phone or on the web: to create a new event in Google Calendar, click on the large red plus button in the bottom right corner of the interface.

New Version of Google Calendar Create Meeting

Add a Meeting

You can also customize how you see your calendar a few different ways. You can now choose to show or hide weekends when viewing your calendar. You can also choose the see  whole year at a glance, when you choose Year view.

To control the layout density and color set of your Calendar, click Settings and then Density. You will be able to choose between the following density for your calendar:

  • Responsive to your screen
  • Compact

In the same tab, you can also choose between a Modern or Classic color set.

New Version of Google Calendar Customize View

Customize Your View

A much needed improvement to the interface is the way a user can handle her other calendars and other people’s calendars that are displayed. First, if you do not already see the left sidebar, click the Main menu button in the top left corner (three horizontal bars). From this side panel, you can do the following:

  1. Show or hide a calendar by clicking on the check mark in front of a calendar name.
  2. Unsubscribe from a calendar by clicking on the cross. This will remove it from the list of calendars.
New Version of Google Calendar Other Calendars

Display or Hide Other Calendars

Finally, it is important to understand how events will be displayed based on how you responded to an invitation.

  1. Solid color indicates that you are attending
  2. Diagonal lines will show if you answer maybe to an invitation
  3. An outlined event is an event for which you did not respond yet
  4. An event will be crossed out if you declined its invitation.
New Version of Google Calendar Events


Formatted Details

When you edit an event, you now have a access to much improved description box which lets you format text, add links and attach Google Docs.

New Version of Google Calendar Meeting Details

Formatting Meeting Details

The description panel now features regular formatting options like bold, italics, and underlined text together with organized and bullet point lists. What’s even more appreciated is that you will be able to use your favorite keyboard shortcuts such as:

Control/Command + B

to make text bold

Control/Command + I

to italicize your text

Control/Command + U

to underline your text

Control/Command + K

to turn your text into a link

I use the last one a hundred times a day.

Finally attachments are here! Click the paperclip icon to add attachments. That will open the Google Drive file picker from which you can add Google Docs files or upload a new files as needed.

View Multiple Calendars Side by Side

There is a new feature which will most certainly enhance collaboration within teams. In Day view, you can view two or more calendars from different people or places at the same time side by side.

New Version of Google Calendar Side by Side Daily View

View Calendars Side by Side

Improved Search Engine

To be noted as well, the updated search tool. The old one would only let you search for keywords in the name of your events. The new search engine now searches through all the details including event names, documents, and contact names. An option for advanced search is available with further criteria such as searching for what, who, where, without and specific dates.

New Version of Google Calendar Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Add Holidays to your New Version of Google Calendar

I wanted to conclude this how-to guide with a tip that works with both old version and the new version of Google Calendar. You can choose from a list of pre-published calendars to add dates related to national holidays, sports events, and others such as phases of the moon or week numbers.

New Version of Google Calendar Add Holidays, Sports and Moon Phases

Add Holidays, Sports and Moon Phases Calendars

To add a list of holidays to your Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the top right corner on Settings
  2. Click on Add Calendar
  3. Click on Browse Calendars of Interest
  4. Add a check mark to the calendar(s) you want to add

What is a your favorite feature in the new version of Google Calendar? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Guide to the New Version of Google Calendar

  • kristen

    The new calendar keeps automatically adding formatting to my events, even after I highlight all of the text and click on remove formatting. I found that the only way I can truly remove it is to paste into notepad then paste back into Calendar. THis is driving me nuts! How can I remove formatting …

    • Victor Boulanger Post author

      Hi Kristen,

      I can totally understand your frustration! This reminds me of pasting text into Microsoft Word only to find out it broke the whole layout of my document. My best tip for you is to copy and then paste without the formatting. Are you familiar with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut? Well with a couple of extra keys, you can paste without formatting into any program. I cannot overstate how handy this little shortcut is and how much time it has saved me. I actually wrote a whole Tekiota article regarding how to do that: I hope this will fix your problems. Let me know how this works for you!