Link Sharing With Symbaloo

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Symbaloo is a bookmarking or link sharing site. With Symbaloo, teachers can curate and share resources with their students. Links are laid out in a grid, and can be arranged within the grid.

Group Links by Topics

In this example, the links are grouped into categories. In the upper left, there are links to social sites, and in the upper right, links to shopping sites.

Various categories of links sharing with Symbaloo

Various categories of links shared with Symbaloo

Link sharing with Symbaloo is self-explained on this Symbaloo page. 

Symbaloo Uses for Teachers

Symbaloo could be good for when teachers have a bank of resources they want to share with students. There are many ways to do this, but Symbaloo could be a good option for visual learners who need to see everything laid out in front of them.

This could be useful in the younger grades when teachers want to give students the sites to visit for a project instead of having them go searching. It could also be interesting to use Symbaloo as a formative assessment to see what students know about a subject.

Browser Extension

Symbaloo also offers browser extensions to add your bookmarks directly to your Symbaloo page. This is Symbaloo Bookmarker for Chrome.

Note: For a complete walkthrough of Symbaloo, access the Knowledge Base file  “SymbalooHandout.pdf”.

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