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Tekiota 18.22

Published 1 June 2018



Apps – Setup Your MacBook With These 4 Indispensable Mac Apps
Apps – Remove A Virus From Your Mac

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Rubrics in Kaizena
Gamers Built a “Digital Museum” That Unlocked New Secrets of the Brain
2018 Internet Trends Report

Tekiota 18.21

Published 25 May 2018

Teach Kids About Digital Citizenship

Teach Kids About Digital Citizenship

Frameworks – Teach Kids About Digital Citizenship
Skills – Share A File in Google Drive

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How The Progress Bar Keeps You Sane
An Interactive Map Shows Just How Many Roads Actually Lead to Rome
A Landslide of Classic Art Is About To Enter The Public Domain

Tekiota 18.20

Published 18 May April 2018

Frameworks – 5 Reasons To Share Files in Google Team Drives
Apps – Run a TI 84 Calculator on your Computer

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How The Hyperlink Changed Everything
How the Enlightenment Ends
Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Tekiota 18.19

Published 11 May 2018

Apps – Customize Apple Finder To Make It Work For You
Skills – 3 Bulletproof Ways to Backup Your Mac

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Putting Learning First With New Tech Tools
You Can’t Write This Letter
Making Ideas Into Reality at MIT’s ‘Future Factory’

Tekiota 18.18

Published 4 May 2018

7 Video Assignments for Students

Video Assignments for Students

Skills – Inspiring Video Projects
Skills – Create Media Rich Lessons

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Celebrate Fifty Years of Project Zero
A Quick Rundown of the New Gmail
How to Inspire Every Child to Be a Lifelong Reader

Tekiota 18.17

Published 27 April 2018

Create a Video Slideshow with Photos

Create a Video Slideshow with Photos

Apps – Make A Video Slideshow With Your Photos in Minutes
Frameworks – Introduction to Design Thinking in the Classroom

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Decades-old Ansel Adams Mystery
The Lonely American Man
Ultimate Guide For Using Trello At Home

Tekiota 18.16

Published 20 April 2018

Add Public Radio to Your Lessons

Add Public Radio to Your Lessons

Apps – Find Radio Programs By Topic
Frameworks – Computational Thinking, a Framework for Critical Thinking

Elsewhere on the Internet

Google Activity Dashboard
Cryptocurrency funds
You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Solve Big Problems

Tekiota 18.15

Published 13 April 2018

Presentation Zen

Presentation Zen

Frameworks – Presentation Zen 6 Steps to Design Great Slideshows
Skills – 5 Research Tools I Cannot Live Without

Elsewhere on the Internet

Link to See If Your Facebook Data Was Stolen
New Yorker’s Caption Contest
Surviving the Internet in ES

Tekiota 18.13

Published March 30th 2018

4 Tricks for a Better Mac Experience

4 Tricks for a Better Mac Experience

Skills – 4 Tips for a Better Mac Experience
Skills – Put PD in your Pocket with Podcasts

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Deck Toys
This Is How The Rest Of The World Lives

Questo AI

Tekiota 18.12

Published March 23rd 2018

Salvage Your Privacy Lady Bird

Salvage Your Privacy

Skills – Salvage Your Privacy While Online
Apps – Poll Your Students

Elsewhere on the Internet

When You Give A Tree An Email Address
Lou (2017)
Novel Effect

Tekiota 18.11

Published March 16th 2018

The computer forgot my password

Oh no! It happened again…

Skills – Keep Your Accounts Safe
Frameworks – Build a Digital Portfolio

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Social Media Use in 2018
Adam Bellow’s Keynote

Tekiota 18.10

Published March 9th 2018

Project Management Fundamentals Stages

Project Management Fundamentals Stages

Frameworks – Learn Project Management Fundamentals to Get Things Done Well
Frameworks – 9 Tenets of Email Etiquette

Elsewhere on the Internet

The Decentralized Internet Is Here, With Some Glitches
String Theory

Tekiota 18.09

Published March 2nd 2018

Use New Google Calendar

Use New Google Calendar

Apps – Guide to the New Google Calendar
Skills – Put a Face to Your Name: Create Your Avatar

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Strange Beasts
The Surprising Thing Google Learned About Its Employees
The Age of the Algorithm

Tekiota 18.08

Published February 23rd 2018

Design Training Material – Tutorial Builder

Apps – Design Training Material Efficiently
Apps – Integrate Tech Into the Foreign Language Classroom

Elsewhere on the Internet

PJZero Visible Thinking Tools
How AI Is Edging Into Our Lives
Ms. Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment

Tekiota 18.06

Published February 9th 2018

Highlight and Annotate PDF files 2

Highlight and Annotate PDF files

Apps – Highlight and Annotate PDF Documents
Frameworks – Balance Technology at Home with these 3 Rules

Elsewhere on the Internet

What Google Knows About You
How boredom can lead you to your most brilliant ideas
Science Journal App

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