Slideshows are a great way for students to show their learning. Here are a few ways to make them. Google Photos Slideshow   Google Photos is a great way to store your photos, so it goes first. Google Photos can’t make a slide show, but the storage capability makes this […]

7 Video Assignments for Students

Here are 8 types of of video assignments for students in elementary, middle and high school. Videos have a strong influence on how we perceive the world. Leading students to produce their own videos for your class will allow them to demonstrate critical thinking around key-concepts in your lesson while deepening their understanding of media literacy.

This week's tip of the hat belongs to Daryl Imanishi in recognition of the way he extends learning beyond the classroom walls with social media. We will look at how our KAS MS Principal engages our learning community principally with a winning triad of online platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Ask anyone what the advantage of using Google Docs is, and the first answer they will give is usually “collaboration”, followed closely by accessibility. Google has just added some updates to Docs / Sheets / Slides, Forms, and Keep that make them easier to use.   Google Docs / Sheets […]

Design Thinking in the Classroom

Design thinking in the classroom has the potential to unleash creativity, innovation and empathy while engaging your students to discover unique solutions to problems. Having recently presented at Learning2 on the topic, I want to share here design thinking’s key concepts, methodology and take-aways. Discover Creative Solutions There are different ways to solve problems. Engineers […]

Terea started flipping her class this year with great results. Even though she is figuring out what strategies work best for her, she is already seeing an increase in the time she has available in class. Whereas a lecture and directions would take 15-30 minutes before, now, the video lesson […]

Flag for the Republic of Karelia

To get a lesson on how to to create human-centered designs, look no further than G10 Claire. She gets the tip of the hat this week for leveraging social media in order to establish global connections. Her assignment was to create a flag for a chosen place or territory. Claire picked The Republic of Karelia, a little known former USSR state. This task was realized in the context of her MYP Design class. With her work, she exemplifies the concept of empathy at the core of design thinking. In order to determine how best to design her flag, she wanted the input of people from the Republic of Karelia to better capture the feelings of the population. To reach out to them, she used Reddit.

This is an introduction to the coaching page on Dragon Gate. Highlights from the video: access the coaching page via (You must be signed into your KAS account to access Dragon Page) on the Coaching Page is a plethora of teacher resources workshops are being archived on YouTube as videos, or if you […]

Computational Thinking is often related with Computer Science. That makes sense, they are related. The problem is when the thinking ends there.   Did you know you can use Computational Thinking in any subject?   The following quote is from Google’s Computational Thinking Course: Computational Thinking (CT) is a problem solving […]

Mystery Hangout

It's week 3 at Kaohsiung American School and Lulu Chen comes out of the starting blocks at full speed. She hits it BIG out of the park with the return of her Mystery Hangout sessions. Lulu takes to heart the school's mission to make Global Citizens out of her grade 4 students.

Carl Kasell on NPR

I spend a lot of my busy time (dishes, laundry, cleaning...) listening to podcasts, many of which are produced by the excellent National Public Radio. The wealth and breadth of the coverage means that programs are often relevant to the classroom, but finding specific content can be a difficult task. Listenwise (previously known as Listen Current) is an excellent educational website which lets you access many public radio programs and tie them to your curriculum.

What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew - Grade 3 students fill in the blank in "I Wish My Teacher Knew _____" and the results provide an unexpectedly deep inside into their emotional and social lives • If You Use This Font You Are... Do you use outdated fonts for branding? What message are you sending when you use a font? Use this chart to see how some of the most common fonts are being viewed by today's designers.