Classroom Timer - Countdown Timer
Time management is an essential skill for a teacher. Here I list a few excellent classroom timers which I use almost daily.

Classroom Timers to Bookmark

Example of Virtual Reality 1
Virtual Reality is an immersive experience which your students will never forget. Visit exotic destinations, manipulate the anatomy of extinct creatures, ride in a formula one, the scenarios are almost endless. Here are some of the best apps to discover virtual reality in the classroom. But first we need to […]

The 7 Best Apps for Virtual Reality in the Classroom

5 Pro Tips for the Perfect Inbox
Master your Gmail inbox with this very short training and never miss an important email anymore. Here are five pro tips for the perfect gmail inbox. Watch the training video for an overview, and dive in with the details below when you are ready to conquer. Tip 1 Filter Important […]

5 Pro Tips for the Perfect Gmail Inbox

Partial Screenshot to the Clipboard on a Mac
Taking a screenshot on your computer is a skill you learn early on, alongside the shortcuts for copying and pasting. In lesson plans, emails, tutorials, and other documents, sharing a picture of your entire desktop or a small snapshot of a detail happens routinely. But have you truly mastered the art […]

Master the Art of the Screenshot

Take Teaching to the Next Level
If you want to take teaching to the next level, you have to look beyond the walls of your classroom and collaborate on a global scale. Teachers must model collaboration to students so they in turn can use these skills in the digital world in which they are already immersed. We […]

Take Teaching to the Next Level

Geoboard the Math Learning App
Geoboard was one of my favorite apps for the iPad, and I just found out it is also available as a Chrome App. (It is also in the Windows Store.) Geoboard is very slick, easy to use, and fun for students. Geoboard is a virtual geoboard, so no more rubber band […]

Geoboard – The Awesome Geometry Learning App

Math students are still bound to their trusty graphics calculator. Teachers need to teach students how to use these calculators. The problem is that those devices are tiny and it's difficult to show specific steps to your students. It is much easier to project the steps you take on your calculator for all to see. This is the ultimate guide on how to run a graphics calculator on your computer, and display it on your projector.

Run a TI 84 Calculator on your Computer

What is this fruit?
You can use a photo snapped with your phone to do a search with this picture. If you know where to go, it's a quick process. Let's look at how to do a search by image in Google.

Search by Image

This week Edutopia published a very interesting list of tips to use in your classroom. I must admit that I respond quite positively to any article which promises me 5, 7 or even 10 wonderful things to read about. This one lists 26 (twenty six!) such tips. The difference with other pieces of advice for teachers you ask? Each of these research based tips for teachers are backed by actual research. I will highlight my favorite 3 tips here.

Research Based Tips for Teachers