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Math students are still bound to their trusty TI 84 graphing calculator. Teachers need to teach students how to use these calculators. The problem is that those devices are tiny and it’s difficult to show specific steps to your students. It is much easier to project the steps you take on your calculator for all to see. This is the ultimate guide on how to emulate and run a TI 84 graphing calculator on your computer, and display it on your projector.

Display a Graphics Calculator on your Computer

Display a Graphics Calculator on your Computer

Install a TI 84 Graphing Calculator Emulator

First you need to install an app called an emulator. There are emulators for a lot of devices (including your favorite childhood video game consoles, be it a Nintendo or a Sega). This specific one is called Wabbitemu TI Calculator Emulator (TI-83+, 84+ and more) will allow you to run a virtual copy of a graphics calculator on your computer.

STEP 1 Download Wabbit TI Calculator Emulator

You can directly download Wabbit for Mac with this link. To use Wabbit with Windows or your Android phone head over to the Wabbit Calculator Emulator website, and download the version which corresponds to your system.

Graphics Calculator Emulator

Graphics Calculator Emulator

STEP 2 – Install Wabbit on your Mac

Once downloaded, install it on your computer. For a Mac, the install takes two steps:

  1. Double click on the downloaded ZIP archive to uncompress it.
  2. Drag and drop the uncompressed app file into your Applications folder.
NOTE: when you try to run the Emulator for the first time, you may receive a warning that the app is not recognized by Apple. Go to System Preferences > Security > General and click on Open Anyway to bypass the unnecessary warning

STEP 3 – Download the Calculator ROM

The next step is to download the ROM, the virtual copy of the device. A ROM (Read-Only Memory file) is a package, much like a firmware which contains all the files needed to emulate the device. Here you can download the ROM for a popular graphics calculator used in math and science classes.

Click on the ROM file to download it. It’s best to keep this file in a good location so you can find it easily in the future.

Download Graphics Calculator ROM

Download Graphics Calculator ROM

STEP 4 – Run the TI 84 Graphics Calculator on your Laptop

The final step is:

  1. Launch the emulator from your Applications.
  2. Click on File > Open.
  3. Choose the ROM file you downloaded.

Fix Misaligned Wabbit Display on Mac

Once you get the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition to show on your Mac thanks to Wabbit, you may find out that clicking on the keys doesn’t work. To be more precise, the wrong key gets pressed. For example, when you press 9, another calculator key gets triggered. To fix this display error, do this:

  1. Go to your Applications folder, right click on the Wabbit app and select Get Info
  2. Check the box which reads Open in Low Resolution

Display the Graphics Calculator on your Projector

Once the TI-84 Plus graphics calculator is launched on your computer, the virtual-copy works exactly like the physical device. You can either click on the keys with your mouse, or you can use your numeric keypad to enter numbers and operations.

Display a Graphics Calculator on your Projector

Display a Graphics Calculator on your Projector

Do you have other tips for math and science teachers? Share them below.

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