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Start the coffee maker, launch multiple searches in your browser and even before sunrise, you will have a plethora of tabs open in front of you. The hundred-tab syndrome can truly affect your eyesight as each tab label shrinks to make room for another, and will negatively impact your computer’s performance as your browser sucks away your memory to keep all these open.

The Tab Savior

TabCloud is a browser extension which can keep the tab madness at bay by quickly letting you save multiple tabs in a group. Currently working with Chrome, Firefox (beta) and Android, the extension will sync across browsers to let you manage multiple tabs in one click.

Manage Multiple Tabs in your Browser

Manage Multiple Tabs in your Browser

 TabCloud Features

After connecting TabCloud to your Google account you will be able to:

  1. Save all the tabs in any window session by clicking on the TabCloud icon
  2. Restore the tabs over time on the same computer or another one

This goes one step further than the “reopen the pages that were open last” feature built-in by Chrome by letting you curate your tabs before saving, and reopening the session at any point in the future.

TabCloud Demonstration

Are you in need of a tab management system? Are you already using TabCloud or another extension? Let us know in the comment section below.

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