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My browser is set to automatically open 4 tabs right away. I am a tab hoarder — I keep several tabs open all the time. This habit can give me problems when I need to save power, or when I need to shut down my computer — what do I do with the tabs I want to save?

Looking for a Way to Save Tabs

Looking for a Way to Save Tabs


One Tab Browser Extension

In the beginning of the year, I saw several students and teachers using a Chrome Extension called OneTab, so I decided to give it a try.

OneTab allows you to close (and save) your tabs if you need to shut your computer down, or if you need to save on battery power. Once you have a chance to return to your work, open OneTab, and all your tabs will be there waiting.

That is a nifty feature in itself, but I recently discovered another feature of OneTab.

OneTab Research Tool

There are many ways to share web links with your class, but OneTab looks to be my new favorite.

If you open several [related] tabs about a topic, you can then copy and send the link to a webpage that lists those resources; a great way to scaffold research, or keep students from becoming lost in stacks of web pages. 

Watch the animation below to see how I convert a group of tabs into a webpage ready to be shared:

Sharing a Group of URLs as a Webpage with OneTab

Sharing a Group of URLs as a Webpage with OneTab

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