Setup Your MacBook With These 4 Indispensable Mac Apps

The default programs installed on your Apple laptop are decent, but you can definitely do better. Check out how to setup your MacBook with these 4 indispensable Mac Apps. You will learn how to get a nifty calendar, take control of your windows, type faster and turn your screen into a work of art. Read on.

Mac App #1 – Add A Calendar To The MacBook Menu Bar

The date and time options available in your MacBook menu bar are really minimal. Thankfully, you can add a calendar to your menu for free. Download itsycal an open source calendar for your Mac by Mowglii.

Calendar in your Menu Bar

A Calendar in your Menu Bar

I like itsycal because it is very small, and does 3 things extremely well:

  1. Show today’s date.
  2. Quickly access a calendar with month, days and dates for reference.
  3. Display events from Google Calendar.

It’s a no brainer, and one of the first Mac apps I install.

Mac App #2 – Snap Your Windows On Your Mac With ShiftIt

Most of the time, I really enjoy the ingenious details that Apple brings to the Mac. Then I try to resize a window, and I let a deep sigh. macOS cannot manage windows properly. If you have ever been in need of splitting windows across your screen (like Microsoft Windows has done so well for many years now), download ShiftIt right away.

Mac Apps to Snap Windows

Snap Windows on Mac

Once you install this open source app, it will live in your menu bar and allow you with a simple click to snap a window to the left or right of your screen, or better yet: you can maximize a window on your MacBook without going full screen! Amazing right? To find out more details about how to setup ShiftIt, read our extensive ShiftIt tutorial.

Mac App #3 The Most Beautiful Screensaver for Your Computer

My Mac has a beautiful screen. To take full advantage of this, I download Aerial screensaver, and run the Apple TV screensaver on my Mac. It rotates through drone footage shot over Hong-Kong, Hawaii, Liwa and more.

Apple TV Screensaver On Your Mac

Apple TV Screensaver On Your Mac

Try it. It is simply mesmerizing.

Mac App #4 Learn The Fastest Typing Method

If you have $4.99 laying around, then it’s time to invest them into one program that will change your digital life. aText is a text expander program. It replaces a short string of characters with the text of your choice. Simple? Yes. Powerful? Extremely.

Do you ever start an email with the word “Hello” a comma, then press enter twice? Copy this exact text into aText and then use the keyboard h# to paste it whenever you want. Shorten 8 keystrokes to 2. Imagine this! I just literally freed you 75% of your agenda in one paragraph. That’s amazing.

It’s the ultimate timesaver, and I sincerely cannot believe that so few people have this type of app installed.

You can download aText and try it free for 21-Days. Once you’re convinced, buy it.

Other Mac Apps to Setup Your MacBook

You should install the four mac programs I mentioned above TODAY.

And if you still have some space left on your hard drive and a bit of stamina in you to drag and drop apps in your Applications folder, go on and explore the next few.

Google Drive On Your Mac

I really enjoy accessing my Google Drive folder from the Finder. This allows me to organize my files and folders much faster than in my browser. In order to do this, I use these apps (NOTE: you only need one):

Google Drive Backup & Sync will download and sync a full copy of your Google Drive onto your computer (make sure you have enough space). Read more about how to use it in our article about ways to backup your files.

Google File Stream is a new app which can only be used with a G Suite account (not a personal Google Account). Instead of downloading everything, it streams files on-demand. It’s a slick way of accessing your Drive on a laptop with limited amount of storage.

Mac Antivirus

If you are afraid you installed some malware on your Mac, read our guide about Malware Bytes, the Mac antivirus app.

Graphic, Audio and Video Tools

I edit a lot of images, photos, and videos on my computer. In order to do this, I fully rely on these apps:

✓ Adobe CC – Yes, I subscribed and made Adobe immensely rich.

✓ iMovie – If you’ve never edited a movie with iMovie, you are missing out on life.

✓ Handbrake – If you’ve ever edited a movie with iMovie and wondered why the exported file was so big, compress it with Handbrake.

✓ OcenAudio – Because amazingly your Mac does not come with a simple audio recorder, you should download OcenAudio.

Your List of The Most Fabulous Mac Apps

Did I miss any? Is there a program you use every single day that I did not list above? Let me know in the comment below and I will gladly add your suggestion.

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