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If you are stuck with the default-presentation-design blues, take it to the next level and inspire creativity with this awesome set of templates for Google Slides.

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Google Slides Template Options

Beyond Default Google Slides Templates

WHY? Google Slides is a great way to create and share collaborative presentations. The default themes in Slides are serviceable, but there are times when something different is in order — especially if you find yourself using the same theme over and over.

And chances are if you are bored with seeing the same theme over and over, your audience is probably bored with seeing it as well.

Refreshing Templates for Google Slides

WHAT? Slides Carnival is a website that allows you to download free themes to use in your own presentations. It also works with PowerPoint. As with Google Slides, slidescarnival.com themes are able to be exported as a PDFs, as well as other image formats.

Templates for Google Slides Presentations

Templates for Google Slides Presentations

Adding Templates to your Drive

HOW? The Slides Carnival FAQ is very easy to understand.

There are a few simple steps to acquiring a template:

  1. Go to slidescarnival.com
  2. Choose the templates for Google Slides you want
  3. Click the big, yellow button that says “USE THIS PRESENTATION TEMPLATE”
  4. Make a copy in your own Drive

Favorite Design

Some of my favorite Google Slides Templates are:

Jaques presentation template
This takes on the look of a paper sheet with polaroid photos and post-its. It’s really fun to use this template in your class.

Eglamour presentation template
This artsy template uses watercolor textures to create bold and vivid slides, while the text content keeps a minimal and clean style.

Kent presentation template
This theme has a bold and lively design with a playful pattern of circles and icons.

Slides Carnival was brought to my attention by Jeff Plaman, @jplaman, a Digital Literacy Coach in Singapore at UWCSEA through Twitter. Try out Twitter for daily PD.

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