Carl Kasell on NPR
I spend a lot of my busy time (dishes, laundry, cleaning...) listening to podcasts, many of which are produced by the excellent National Public Radio. The wealth and breadth of the coverage means that programs are often relevant to the classroom, but finding specific content can be a difficult task. Listenwise (previously known as Listen Current) is an excellent educational website which lets you access many public radio programs and tie them to your curriculum.

Find Public Radio Programs By Topic

Video Book Reports
It is well worth watching the video book report below to understand why Grade 3 Margo Carnahan is fully deserving the tip of the hat this week. Her students first wrote their own books on paper, before scanning them onto their computers. They designed their digital books layout online with Google Slides. Next they used screencasting to turn their presentations into videos.

Digital Books by Students on YouTube

Poll Your Students 2
In a student-centered classroom, gathering their feedback is absolutely essential. Online polls give you a quick avenue to send one or multiple questions to your online classroom. In turn, students can answer under cover of anonymity or not, within seconds. Let’s look at why you should poll your students and […]

Poll Your Students