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3 Rules for Balance with Technology - Infographics 1
Balance will be different for every family. I am hoping that these 3 rules to balance technology at home which I gathered from my research and experience will help you engage in conversations about the use of technology in your house. My experience in the classroom and as a parent points to a very obvious fact: being digital natives does not make our children digital citizens. Our children and students need guidance with technology before they can claim an independence of their own. I believe the helm the need to navigate their digital waves is balance.

Balance Technology at Home with these 3 Rules

Google Certification 1 of 3 Online Classes for Technology in Education
There are 3 online classes for technology in education which impress me very much at the moment. If you are looking to start a new course over the summer that will literally make you want to go back to the classroom and innovate, dig into one of these: Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL) EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Certification Google Certified Educator Levels 1 & 2

3 Online Classes for Technology in Education

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No one is immune to the flood of communications inundating our inboxes at all times of day. Keep the alerts on and your smartphone will light up like a Christmas tree. This constant flow contributes to several survivalist yet counter-productive techniques. While it may lead to a higher stress in some, others have abdicated and are willfully ignoring the email tsunami at the cost of missing important messages amidst the flow. Hopefully these pieces of advice will help rein in the electronic wave gnawing our time away.

9 Tenets of Email Etiquette