Digital Work

KAS Google Reference School 3
The first tip of the hat for this academic year 2016-2017 goes off to all of you teachers at Kaohsiung American School. Your efforts to model digital age work and learning have been recognized today by Google. Thanks to you, Kaohsiung American School has been granted the status of Google Reference School! This is a close circle of institutions which include some of the most innovative schools in the world.

Google Reference School in Taiwan

4 Tricks for a Better Mac Experience
Mac makes absolutely gorgeous hardware. Perhaps it is this near perfection in design that makes it harder to bear the quirks you encounter when you start using your Mac. From your trackpad to your windows, here are 4 tricks that hopefully will make for a better experience on your Mac. The MacBook trackpad is the perfect example to showcase the contrast in execution between hardware and software. To the touch, it is so smooth and agreeable under the fingers, it bears no equal. Scroll or click and you are left with a surprisingly disorienting experience.

4 Tips for a Better Mac Experience