10 Best Tech Videos
Let’s continue our best of reviews with the 10 best tech videos for 2018. Best Video #10 How Books are Scanned (How Things Work) This is how books are scanned — How Things Work (@ThingsWork) November 27, 2017 Every since I saw this video, I became addicted to their […]

10 Best Tech Videos for 2018

Lead, Collaborate, Share 1
To support our Google Reference School application, we created a video highlighting the 3 pillars of our implementation of technology at Kaohsiung American School: Lead, Share and Collaborate. Our tip of the hat this week goes to the team who helped us realized this project and agreed to be interviewed. In order […]

Lead, Collaborate, Share

7 Video Assignments for Students 1
Here are 8 types of of video assignments for students in elementary, middle and high school. Videos have a strong influence on how we perceive the world. Leading students to produce their own videos for your class will allow them to demonstrate critical thinking around key-concepts in your lesson while deepening their understanding of media literacy.

8 Inspiring Video Projects for Students

The Digital Media Making student-lead club creates regular video reports of life at Kaohsiung American School. These young video producers fully deserve the tip of the hat this week. Their creativity and editing skills need to be recognized. For example, you may notice the great way they use our green screen, do also pay attention to the fancy titles and the great use of timelapses on their DMM YouTube channel.

Digital Media Making Club Video Reports

Video Book Reports
It is well worth watching the video book report below to understand why Grade 3 Margo Carnahan is fully deserving the tip of the hat this week. Her students first wrote their own books on paper, before scanning them onto their computers. They designed their digital books layout online with Google Slides. Next they used screencasting to turn their presentations into videos.

Digital Books by Students on YouTube