Translate Words in Google Sheets for your ELL Students 1

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Create word lists for your ELL students in 5 minutes thanks to a tip shared by Cris Turple on Twitter.

Translate Words in Google Sheets

Translate Words in Google Sheets

If you read our article on Twitter and signed up for the service, pay attention to the hashtags in the tweet above.

Cris uses the GoogleTranslate function included in Google Sheets to translate text from one cell into another language in another cell:

=GoogleTranslate(text, "source_language", "target_language")

In this video Cris demonstrates how to create a list of words and translate all of them very quickly by copying and pasting the function into multiple cells at once:

Translate Words in Google Sheets

In your Classroom

The first application I picture for using this in your classroom is as a tool to differentiate instruction for your ELL students. Prepare a vocabulary list of important words for your unit, paste it in Google Sheets and voila.

Let us know other ways you can use this in the comment section below.

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