Video Project Rubric, Tab Management, Genius Hour in Education [issue 06]

In this week’s Tekiota newsletter, we will share with you:

  1. The ultimate video project rubric.
  2. A browser extension to save your prolific tab exploration.
  3. An exemplar implementation of the genius hour in education.

The Ultimate Rubric for your Video Projects [icon name=”icon-youtube-play”]

[icon name="fa-slideshare"] STANDARD 2: design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

In the last issue of Tekiota, we looked a several types of video assignments for your students. Here is the accompanying rubric to help you grade these projects.

Rubric for Video Assignments

Rubric for Video Assignments. Photo Credit CC Michael Porter via Flickr.

Video projects include technical phases for which you might not consider yourself an expert. Choosing amongst audio and video equipment for recording, filming techniques, editing methods, special effects and ways to share the final product present so many options that it would seem a daunting task to teach students every single option. The video project rubric that is presented here has the benefit of clearly establishing the qualitative criteria you are researching while not getting losing itself in the details of the production.

Our rubric for video assignments examines 4 levels of performance: exemplary, proficient, partially proficient, and unsatisfactory, across 8 different criteria:

  1. Storyboard
  2. Content and organization
  3. Video Continuity and Editing
  4.  Audio Editing
  5. Lighting
  6. Camera Techniques
  7. Graphics, Special Effects and Animation
  8. Fair Use and Citation

Peer over the details of each criteria in this Video Project Rubric shared as a Google Document. This rubric was adapted by Jessica Faivre from an original work by the University of Wisconsin, Stout. Follow this link to read the full article about the ultimate rubric for video assignments.

Saving your Many Browser Tabs [icon name=”icon-wrench”]

[icon name="fa-cloud-upload"] STANDARD 3: model digital age work and learning

I have witnessed the hundred-tab syndrome on many teacher computers. Apart from the consequent chaos that reigns, having many browser tabs open will negatively impact your computer’s performance as your browser sucks away your memory to keep all these open, and is more likely to cause system crashes.

Manage Multiple Tabs in your Browser

Manage Multiple Tabs in your Browser

TabCloud is a browser extension which can keep the tab madness at bay by quickly letting your tabs by group. Currently working with Chrome, Firefox (beta) and Android, the extension will sync across browsers to let you manage multiple tabs in one click.

Read the full article on how to save multiple tabs in your browser with TabCloud

Implementing the Genius Hour in Education [icon name=”icon-cogs”]

[icon name="fa-star"] awarded to terea marcum
[icon name="fa-cloud-upload"] STANDARD 3: model digital age work and learning

This week’s tip of the hat is awarded to Terea Marcum for her implementation of the Genius Hour project. This is the second year that Terea runs the genius hour in her classroom. This unique dedication of 20% of her class time towards a project entirely determined by the students fosters inspiration and self-motivation in her middle-school classes.

Genius Hour in Education

Genius Hour in Education

I was lucky to attend the presentations from last year’s program and the level of engagement from the students was truly exceptional. It was very obvious to all attendees that Terea’s students also learn resilience and grit as they shared their repetitive failures as part of their learning experience.

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